Bespoke Railings in Cartmel



Our bespoke railings in Cartmel take into consideration the requirements of the customer first and foremost, allowing them to add railings to their property that are truly unique. The railings we create are tailor made to each application, meaning each job is different from the last. We understand that people have different personalities and hence, have unique tastes. Therefore, why should everyone settle for the same design when opting for a new railing installation in their property? Bespoke railings in Cartmel are crafted to meet the exact specification set by the customer and are custom made to suit the property they will be installed on.

As with our other products, the bespoke railings in Cartmel are made using the finest ironwork that provides the best possible durability for your new installation. This ironwork is second to none in the Bay area and is protected with a range of finishes for you to choose from, allowing you to receive railings that require little to no maintenance for years.


The most basic coating finishes the railings off in primer that comes in a variety of colours that can match the property. Our highly recommended choice is hot dip galvanising which provides the best balance of durability and cost effectiveness. Finally, powder coating can be applied to galvanised metal which will provide you with the most durable solution and comes in many colours that you can choose from.

Past customers are very happy with their bespoke railing installations in Cartmel. We have a gallery of our previous work; therefore, you can see for yourself the unique and beautiful products we have made. Our service considers the needs of the customer first and places a high priority on customer service. The customer can specify the exact size and design to be used for their new railings.

Should you be interested in our bespoke railings in Cartmel or wish to know more about them, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will gladly assist with any enquiry you may have and will happily discuss the best options for your requirements – customer service is at the heart of our business.