Our Reviews – Thank you very much for our new security window grills, they have made our property more secure and we are very satisfied with the style. They look great! Our neighbours have asked for your contact details as well. We are very happy with the whole process and we must say that you are a great company to deal with. We shall spread your company name around as we believe that your work is astounding. Again thank you very much from Mr & Mrs Tomlinson. 

Our Reviews – I would like to thank you for the installation of my mothers handrails. She has found them very useful for getting in and out of the house to do her gardening. A big thanks Mike Shepherd.

Our Reviews – Our new gates look amazing, thank you very much for your services. You are a very nice young man who has excellent manners. We are more than content with the finished installation and we recommend Mountainstone Forge Ltd are the company that people should use for gates and railings in Lancaster. Mr & Mrs Lake.

Our Reviews – We were given your number by our neighbour and we are so glad that they did! Our patio now has safety rails in place. These have made it look good, safe and they are very sturdy. The design is very nice and we are so glad that you made them exactly to our requests. Many thanks Mr & Mrs Grimshaw.

Our Reviews – Thank you very much for our new back gates, they have made our house more secure and they really look brilliant. We are very impressed with the final outcome. Great work job well done many thanks Mrs Hughes.

Our Reviews – This addition of gates and railings to our home really is like the icing on a cake! The whole work took less than two weeks, initial meeting all the way to final installation. Mountainstone Forge Ltd are a professional company that we would recommend to anyone for their gates and railings in Lancashire. Thank you very much Mr Taylor.

Our Reviews – The front of our home is now complete, thank you very much for your time and effort. We were very happy with the cost as we were quoted a lot more by other local companies. We are so glad that we were passed on to you by my brothers friend. Excellent job! Mr & Mrs Moseley.

Our Reviews – We are very thankful of your services. Our new wrought iron staircase is beautiful and worth every penny that we spent on it (which was not much to be honest). The staircase has made our home a little bit more special, many thanks Mr Murphy.

Our Reviews – The entrance to our drive needed a face lift and now we have some really strong wrought iron gates in place. These shall last for many years I am sure. The experience with your company was really good, your customer service skills are really good. Thank you Mrs Adlington.

Our Reviews – The safety handrails that you have installed in and outside my bungalow are just what I needed. They have made it easier for me to move around and I feel a lot safer. Thank you Mrs Swift.

Our Reviews – Thank you very much for the addition of our perimeter fence, it looks great and we feel that it has made our home more secure. We were amazed with the cost, we feel that the excellent services that you are providing are better than any other company around. We are more than happy to spread the word about your business. Thank you so much Mr & Mrs Evans.

Our Reviews – These new gates are really good, thank you so much for your patience also. Mr & Mrs Baker.